Hiking, Zion National Park, Utah

A wonderful place to explore during the shoulders of cold season, Zion is part of a eroded, rocky land mass that introduces the start of the Grand Canyon.  Located in the South West corner of Utah, makes Zion an easy drive from many of the western states.  Zion offers the hiker and biker a memorable time with an ample trail system and desert climate. 

Zion Nat Park UT
An interesting rock against moss, notice the asterisk formation.

Zion Nat Park UT2
Overlooking Zion National park facing South East.  There is still some snow on those hills!

Zion Nat Park UT 3
Discovering Rocks

From a simple point of view, one could hypothesis that the above rocks are a feature of how sand stone filters minerals.  In the above case, it looks as if the "cones", formed from erosion, have developed iron rings on the under side.

Zion Nat Park UT 4
Sometimes the "road up", can be a steep one.

On this particular day, it was a short, 1000ft.  vertical hike to the top of our hill.

Zion Nat Park UT 5
Deep in satisfied emotion 

This picture was taken atop of our hike, showing actually how nice it is to make it to the top of any mountain.  

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, February 2000.  Altitude was measured on this hike by our altimeter, calibrated to +/- 300 feet.



Zion National Park is a good place to visit. You will find endless recreational opportunities from camping to biking. Entrance fees are required to use the park, and well worth the money. Specific trails can be found upon arrival and the maps reference them well.

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