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After learning that the previously arranged accommodations were closed for the season, we wandered through the town, scratching our dry, itchy scalps wondering what to do for the night in a town with a population of 750. It was too cold to sleep in the car or dare to pitch a tent. Feeling lost, we drove. Finally, and simply by accident, we were attracted to the Wiesbaden Hotel and Hot Springs. Later on, we learned that our attraction was not unique. Many people had experienced this same phenomenon. The Wiesbaden Hotel was a world renown and recognized for its miraculous healing powers.

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The Ute Indians and other tribes who traveled for days to reach the Wiesbaden waters, considered them sacred and deemed them, miracle waters, because of their curative powers. The great Ute Indian, Chief Ouray, who was actually an English interpreter, built his adobe house on the Wiesbaden property just above what is known today as the original structure. The current owner says that other workers have thought the Chief  was reincarnated as the house cat, Sneffles, who died three years ago. We heard a cat meowing at our door about 3:00 in the morning!

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The original structure of the Wiesbaden was built in 1879 and known as Mother Buchanan’s Bath House. In the 1920’s, Dr. C.V. Bates, MD, built the Bates Hospital and Sanitarium over the hot springs and enlarged the caves, which were then known far and wide for their beneficial treatment of arthritis

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The Wiesbaden today is a warm, rejuvenating experience that will replenish the soul. The quite nature of the Wiesbaden is meditative, and the spa offers everything from a full body massage to facials. Their warm and courteous staff will see to it that you are well taken care of.

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*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2001.  All information provided by Wiesbaden hotel.


Located in Ouray, Colorado one will rest well and enjoy the Wiesbaden Hotel and Hot Springs. You can get in-touch with the Wiesbaden by clicking on their icon, or by dialing them directly at 970.325.4347. Tell them sent you.

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