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Vail, Colorado, a well known town and resort that is frequented by visitors world wide is probably the most popular ski area in the United States. The area is huge with over 4000 acres of skiable terrain, and in the last ten years, has evolved swiftly by adding much more new terrain and catering more to families than ever before.

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Some argue that these new developments, have diluted the character of the town and resort. This has attracted the young poser crowd, who pays little respect to the old school. However, Vail resort still remains one of the largest ski areas in the world and the most complete ski areas in history to date. Redefining the American ski resort and revolutionizing the way resorts are run world wide.

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True skiers, that exist, who search for new terrain, great snow and the overall adrenaline still believe that powder days at Vail are unlike powder days anywhere.

Vail is endless and can take many days to discover. Because of its enormity, Vail is often crowded every day through the ski season.

In 1958, Vail ski mountain was discovered by two country boys: seibert and eaton, hiking the area of no name mountain, and who envisioned the possibility of a ski resort in the area. They helped the sport of skiing to grow and brought that vision to reality in 1962. Rich with history, Vail ski Resort follows the worn path of miners that once settled here in the 1800's. In their long search for gold and other precious metals rumored to be in the mountains, little did they know that the true gold was to be discovered in years to come as skiing would turn into one of the biggest and most profitable recreation sports in the world.

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Go to Vail to ski, and to enjoy a truly red carpet resort.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, March 2003. Information courtesy of Vail Resorts.



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Vail, Colorado is an easy trip from Denver. 2 hours up I-70 traveling west. They do have a regional airport with airfares that compete with Denver. The signs are obvious making Vail one of the easiest to find locations in the state.

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