Trimble Hot Springs Durango, Colorado

Catch up to your body and rest it from the strenuous challenges you have had in Durango.  The Trimble Hot Springs is a comfortable and clean hot springs, that will put one to rest.

Located eleven miles to the North on Highway 550 from Durango in Hermosa, Trimble is an easy drive from both Durango Mountain Resort and Durango City.  

Trimble Hot springs CO
At night the pool is lit up and looking good

With three separate pool areas each a little more warmer than the other, ones soaking experience is enhanced.

Trimble Hot springs CO 2

The Spa, which is located next door to the hot springs, offers massages and other personalized attention to individuals.

Trimble Hot springs CO 3
The two warmer springs are in back.

Trimble Hot springs CO 4
An excellent place to recover.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2003.  All information about the pools was provided by Trimble Hot Springs.



The Hot Springs are easy to find. Located just off Highway 550 in Hermosa, 11 miles North of Durango and 10 miles south of Durango Mountain Resort on the West side of the highway. See other related features for regional directions

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