Skiing Sunlight, Glenwood Springs CO USA

Ski Sunlight CO
Good Drifts have formed in this snow, it’s very light and dry, definite “face shots” material.

Sunlight Mountain Resort above Glenwood Springs is a Colorado ski sleeper. When winter starts early it is quite the place to play.  We were aching to make a view turns and were happy to make it to the top.  It was about 3 feet deep in some spots along the hill, and a steady 8 inches of powder all over.  The base was good enough so we were not hitting rocks or logs and we did our part to make fresh tracks all over the uncut snow.

Ski Sunlight CO 2

Ski Sunlight CO 3
Good place to ski, it will definitely keep you occupied for at least half of the day…

Sunlight Mountain Resort above Glenwood Springs, Colorado offers the early ski enthusiast ample opportunity to break the cabin fever early.  It is a great place to play.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2001.  Information supplied by sunlight.



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