Rafting the Arkansas River, Browns Canyon Buena Vista, Colorado

As spring run off began so did our outing on one of the most popular stretches of river in the state. If the river could speak it would tell you that she see's about three hundred thousand, rafters and kayakers through a five month summer season. This has made this particular stretch of water the most used in the United States. All for good reason, and mostly because these stretches contain consistant rapids for miles of river way.

rafting Browns canyon
Time to get wet! The lower right portion of "Zoom Floom"

If desiring solitude, the area is not for you. Plan on seeing many other outfitters and rafters on any short outing. Kayakers alike will find that they can often be run over by rafters.

rafting Browns canyon8
Smiling, this groupp has just completed, "Pinball", a class three rapid entering Browns Canyon.

The river is good to all who come, making their time memorable. Plan on getting wet no matter what stretch of water one runs. From the first timmer to the season veteran, all will walk away smiling.

rafting Browns canyon3
Near the end of the trip, "Toilet Bowl" offers the last bit of excitement before the pull out.

Between rapids, the views are relaxing and offer visions of eagles, big horn sheep, rock out croppings and canyon walls.

rafting Browns canyon5
Our young guide, Shawn Folkerts, with youthful energies pulls a back flip off the rocks.

On certan stretches of the Arkansas river, the experienced will be challenged by class IV rapids, like The Numbers, and The Narrows. During run off, (May 20 - June 30th, season depending) plan on bigger more challenging conditions and new obstacles that can leave one swimming to shore.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, May 2003,  who has rafted down the Arkansas on several occasions.  All information regarding people visits, rapid names, loactions was provided by four corners rafting.



There are many guide companies that run this area of river. Some employ up to ninety guides a season. We found the guides at Four Corners Rafting to be not only well versed on their river but knowledgeable about the area, making the trip an all around enjoyable adventure for anyone who visits. They provide one with all the gear, and follow safety guidelines that are beyond standard. We recommend them.

Company Name: Four Corners Rafting: http://www.fourcornersrafting.com email: [email protected] Location: 10 miles south of Buena Vista Colorado in a little town called Nathrop. Call 1-800-332-7238

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