Sculptures La Portada, Chile

Northern Chile is baron.  However, when the land connects with the ocean here, it is exquisite.   La Portada is sixteen kilometers north of Antofagasta.  This area is a perfect day trip to supplement ones travel in between towns.  The beach is great for a picnic or barbeque.  The area is secluded during the day, and will remain so until local workers finish their business day.  One restaurant sits overlooking the cove area and is quite pleasant.

Portada Chile
The area is well known for its' excellent geological and oceanic formations.  The arc above is La Portada's signature.

Portada Chile2
Formations here are great to hike in and around.

Portada Chile3
Many arches exist throughout the three kilometer coast line.

Portada Chile4
Waves running through the arch are a good view.

Many years of settlement, and sand deposition, with the help of oceanic water erosion, have created a visual spectacle in La Portada.  This area is worthy of a day trip.  It is a clean area, undisturbed and should be kept that way.  

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, July 2001.  La Portada is a nationally recognized area and highlights proven documentation of  its creation. 



La Portada is almost a 19 hour bus ride from Santiago, and 22 hour from La paz. But a nice stop over if heading to the Salar or the beach north.

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