Hiking Pachacamac, Peru

About 35 kilometers south of Lima, Peru, you will come across what was known as the port capitol to many civilizations dating back to 200 A.D. It was the Pre-Hispanic capitol of Peru.  Information found on this historic sight dates back to 200 A.D., with most recent occupation around 1533 A.D. The sight was most useful and of great importance for its close access to the water (Pacific Ocean) which made it an important hub for every civilization.

Pachacamac Peru
The official center (Templo Del Sol) built by the Inca’s between 1450-1533 A.D.

This official center sits at 273 feet above the Pacific Ocean.  This was not only their center but their place of sacrifice.

Pachacamac Peru2
Templo Del Sol from the inside.

Some natives today visit to take the bad spirits away and perform ceremonies that enrich their souls.

Pachacamac Peru3
The Piramides con Rampa

The above ramp, was the built between 900A.D. – 1450 A.D. and used as the main ramp for goods unloaded from the Pacific Ocean.  It has 15 different levels and is of typical architecture from the Ichma culture.

Pachacamac Peru4
The Palace of Tauri Chumpi.

The Palace of Tauri Chumpi built by two Spanish prisoners:  Alberto Bueno and Arturo Jiminez and named after Curaca Tauri Champa was built as a jail to hold Spanish prisoners.All of Pachacamac was built of Adobe and in the form of simple trapezoid design.  Most buildings were positioned equal to a directional arrows and it was said that sun clocks existed throughout the square of 6 square kilometers.One can expect to pay  between 6 and 3 soles to enter, and is a good day trip out of Lima, to enjoy Inca architecture and ruins.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, March 2001.  All historical information, was referenced from the guided tour.



This tour can be done easily individually or with a group. A taxi or bus ride is the easiest and most affordable way to get here. 

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