Climbing Mt. Yale; The Colegiate Peaks Buena Vista, Colorado USA

It was like cheating, we answered drinking a beer to a southern tourist. Of course she couldn't relate, but it was the truth. Maybe it was something we ate before our hike. It was short, it was quick and super fun. There are sub-thirteen thousand foot peaks that are more challenging. As one climbs, the views of the many other fourteeners and collegiate peaks are awe inspiring.

Mt Yale11
The trailhead with easy maps and directions.

Mt Yale12
Mt Yale summit is the highest point on the right.

Mt Yale2
The area is full of thirteen and fourteen thousand foot peaks.

Mt Yale3

Mt Yale6
From the summit of Mt. Yale, other mountain ranges to the west are easy to see.

Mt Yale7
A closer zoom reveals inspiring ridges.

Mt Yale8

Views of other mountain ranges, are easy to see and can consume rolls of film. Great for the beginner or intermediate hiker, Mt. Yale will hook the newbee and force them not only on to other mountains but also force a new acquisition of the latest and most expensive gear.

Starting at 9,700 feet and finishing just above 14,000 feet, the total altitude gain is a very easy 4,000 feet.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, May 2003.  Altitude measurements taken off topo map and were also measured by Phillips.



Traveling from Bunea Vista (Hwy 24), Travel West up Cotton Wood pass road, approximately 12 miles to the parking area just below the control gate that cuts off the pass. Parking is on the right. The trailhead too is north west of the parking lot and easy to find. Best time to do the hike is from May 27th - September 27th. Winter hikes are easy to do, however proper equipment is a must and as nearing the top wind blown areas often can provide dangerous avalanche conditions.

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