The High Jungle Paucartambo, Peru

Welcome to the Jungle.  Our trip here was long but well worth it.  There are two different types of Jungle in South America, The High and The Low.   To a Gringo, you can't tell the difference and you still come back with the same amount of bug bites.

The road in, was long journey, but accompanied by some loco natives.

As thick and immense as you can imagine.  One does not want to stray to far off the path here.

When you first arrive, sounds surround you, flies are as loud as taxi's, birds are staking their territory and the movement of the jungle is alive.  It is common to see ants larger than a finger, tarantulas walking slowly and new things that you have never seen before.

A small stream splits the jungle.

We were fortunate enough to have the guidance from a native who led us up through steep waterfalls, huge cliffs and great views.  Our climb led us for 3 hours and the retrieval of our climbing skills was a great help.  

Flowers and greenery cover the valley floor.

Take your bug repellent and a guide on this one, it is great fun but necessary.

Feature written and photographed by Phillips, May 2001. 



Puacartambo is located 4 hours by bus east of Oroya. And Oroya is a 4 hour drive by bus from Lima. The ride from Lima is comfortable and easy, but finding a comfortable bus from Oroya can be a little more challenging.

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