Jess Weaver Trail, Glenwood Springs, CO USA

Jess Weaver Trail

Jess Weaver Trail2
No Name Creek on your hike up.
The Trail Head 
.A mild stream crossing across the trail.

Jess Weaver is one of the few hikes around that gives  a taste of everything. Its one-way, seven mile, 4,000ft vertical climb, allows the hiker to experience nature at different mountain altitudes.  Encounter waterfalls, crossing streams, muddy terrain, heavy forest and brush, high altitude lakes, tundra landscape, steep granite slabs, rock fields and spectacular views. The hike leads up the No Name Canyon to the top of Windy Point at 10,000 + feet into the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. Most of the trail follows No Name Creek. If attempting to take a crack at the entire hike, plan on a full day with all of the necessary gear.

Jess Weaver Trail3

Jess Weaver Trail4
Small falls linger throughout this area.

Black Bears have been spotted on this trail and in the area.  It is a good idea when doing a hike of this magnitude not to travel alone. Black bears are usually more timid of humans than we are of them but remember, SAFETY FIRST.  When traveling with food, make sure it is in sealed containers. Most of the time, bears are attracted to the trash left by careless fools in the back country.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, November 2000.  Distance and altitude provided by USGS and Boy Scouts Troops of Glenwood Springs.



Jess Weaver hike was made possible by the hard working Boy Scout Troops of Glenwood Springs. Jess Weaver hiking trail is conveniently located 3 miles to the east of Glenwood Springs. For more information on this hike you can contact The Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association at 1-888-4-Glenwood or go to

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