Skiing Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Many come in the winter for the skiing.  But what we have learned is that Jackson Hole Wyoming is as diverse as many of our rugged outdoor locations in the Rocky Mountains.  With our new arrival of snow, we were ready to exhaust ourselves in an diverse winter wonderland.  Of all the places we've toured and skied Jackson Hole Resort is like no other.  The mountain gives you a hearty taste of everything from monster cliffs and steep glades to bump runs and one-turn chutes.

Jackson Hole WY
The sign doesn't lie.

Jackson Hole WY2

Jackson Hole WY3

We felt like kids on natural euphoric drugs.  Questioning this mountain.  How could it be so huge?  Could you ever get tired of it?  Where do we go next?

Jackson Hole WY4

It was simple in retrospect, Jackson is a mountain with 4,000 vertical feet, a tram that holds 63...comfortably, 30 foot cliffs in every direction.  We were little bobble head dolls on ski's.

Jackson Hole WY5

Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2000.



Jackson is an easy, inexpensive flight from any surrounding city: Aspen, Denver, Salt Lake, Sante Fe, San Francisco, and Seatle. Or an easy drive from any surrounding Wyoming state.

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