Hiking, Surfing, Diving Isle Grande, Brazil

This island sits only a few hours from Rio and is truly a playground for the adventure seeker.  Isle Grande contains an endless myriad of hiking trails stretching nearly fifteen miles, which will lead to hidden white secluded beaches, great snorkeling and diving locations, lush primary jungle and hidden waterfalls.   Isle Grande contains the necessary tools for the traveler to access hiking trails, the best beaches in Brazil and famous snorkeling locations.  It is an easy island to get to and great for relaxation and recovery.

Isle Grande1
The docking point of Uraboas, with Parrot Peak in the background.

Isle Grande-o
Looking over the main port of Isle Grande.

The island is hilly and lush.  The traveler will find ease in locating affordable accommodations, guides and help.  Get to this island and make your plans from there.  Plan to spend as much time as a vacation allows here, it can easily consume five days of the trip.

Isle Grande7
Bamboo tress grow in this grove and when the wind blows upon them, squeak enough to make strange noises.

The magnificent rain forest, with it's intricate trail system can take one to the other side of Isle Grande, which is rarely explored.

Isle Grande3
The biggest waterfall on the island.

Isle Grande4
The Lazereto Prison was used as a political prison during the turn of the 20th Century.

Isle Grande has an interesting history that often raises the eyebrows of its visitors.  It put chills down our spine.  It was evident that there were eerie vibes in the air here.  Think of Isle Grande as Alcatraz, or any prison island one is familiar with.  It was started in the 1800's as a quarantine location for travelers and other visitors, early during the turn of the century, is was changed into a political prison and reform.  In 1957, it was done away with.  This prison was second to the main prison on the other side of the island, which was just recently abolished.  Today, the island is a safe and quite vacation paradise frequented by locals from Rio de Janeiro. 

Isle Grande10
The Prison on Lopes Mendez was the maximum security prison of Brazil. Similar to that of Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco California. Up until 1993, the prison was full functioning. It too, is a nice hike offering four hours roundtrip over the top of the island.

Isle Grande8
The most common bird of Isle Grande.

Isle Grande5
An abstract picture of growing vegetation on a boulder in the jungle.

Isle Grande6

Isle Grande

Isle Grande2

Isle Grande9
The plant and vegetation life is lush and plentiful which offers photogenic shots of these island flowers after a light rain.

Isle Grande holds more than 27 beaches, 34 great coves for snorkeling and diving and an endless myriad of trail systems. It will capture you for at least a week and some stay much longer. Surfing is good on several of the beaches with some waves two meters high.

Isle Grande11

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, October 2001. Feature added to October 2003.   Distance of hiking trails provided by guides on the island. 



Isle Grande is easy to find and make arrangements to visit.  The easiest way is to make arrangements in Rio de Janerio.  A car or bus ride will take one hour to get to the dock.  Once at the dock a ferry boat provides service to the island.  The ferry runs several days and times during the week. A great place to stay during your visit to Isle Grande is Colibri Resort. They are well known for the knowledge of the island and will ake your stay a comfortable one. They make it easy to go diving or snorkeling at one of the many neighboring beaches. http//:www.colibriresort.com

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