Climbing Huayatapallana, Huancayo Peru

True freedom is something not much of us experience.  People often measure it in terms of, no obligations, no deadlines, no commitments, no responsibilities and no worries.  For each person freedom is something different, but for each person, there is a similar feeling in the soul.  Is it energy from the brain or from the environment?   How do we some how become a recharged?  It is a deeply rooted rejuvenation.  It is a release of energy, but yet, an acceptance of another.  The new driving power that keeps us going reduces the stress and pushes us forward.

Hutapalana Peru
Picture taken at 15,045 ft, peaks rise in back to 16,500ft.

It’s the same spiritual feeling we get when we go to church, pray, bless or cross our fingers.  We are so in touch with it, and it as devine as it gets...  IT is a feeling... a sense.

Hutapalana Peru2
The Glacier is as inviting, as it is cold and tricky.

Huayatapalana, located 40 miles west of Huanacayo, Peru, is a spiritual place in the High Peruvian Andes, that invites you to search for more places like it.

This area features two rugged peaks.  One is completely eye appealing, and the other coated with rock towers of those who have visited it.

Hutapalana Peru3
A nice trek in the valley offers a 360 degree view of High Alpine Lakes.

A hour and a half drive will take the tourist to the base of this playground from Huancayo.  Arrangements can be made with any local bus driver.

This is true freedom, and yes, we are still searching for more places like it.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, April 2001.  The guide during the terrorist occupancy is Lucho Hurtado, who can be found at La Casa de Abuela.  Information regarding altitude, weather, and geography was supplied by guides and taken first hand with altimeter readings.



Huancayo is located in the Andes Mountains approximately 5 hours by bus from Lima. See other adventures in this region for specifics.

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