Fly Fishing the, "Gray Ghosts" Island of Eleuthera, Bahamas

If you like quiet tropical excursions with excellent fly-fishing and very little tourism, Eleuthera is a must see. This Island has no big name resorts and no bone fish lodges. It does have is plenty of accessible bonefish flats, comfortable accommodations, and the happiest people alive. The island itself is broken down into three sections, upper, middle, and lower, with upper and middle having airports. North or upper Eleuthera is the most poplar tourist spot. Harbour Island and Spanish Wells are recommended day trips. Harbour Island is located at the northern tip of Eleuthera, which is accessed by ferry ride off the North Eleuthera airport road. Spanish wells is and fishing community located off the northwest tip and is assessable off James Bay ferry. Middle or central Eleuthera is the choice location for setting up a base camp. It has less tourism with excellent accommodations just north of the town and excellent flats to fish, which receive very little pressure. Other activities can include surfing, snorkeling, bike tours, and deep-sea fishing.

An overview of the area.

"Fishing Cupids Cay. Cay pronounced "Key", produces areas where fish come to feed especially on in coming tides. Food for fish is pulled in by the tide and the fish follow. Remember to fish flats on the incoming tide also known as the flood. Get a tide chart and remember that the Atlantic is about two hours ahead of the Caribbean side in tide changes."

Fishing for the "gray ghosts" at the Grand Harbour flat in town. On windy days this flat provides great protection and some large bones.

A local Bahamian tries is luck on the Grand Harbour flat

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The best time to visit for fishing purposes is from the months of January through June. Watch out for June through early November for hurricane season! If your purpose for travel is fishing, it is always a good bet to look at moon phases and plan your trip to occur within a new moon phase (strong tides bring in the fish and feed).

Stay in middle Eleuthra and plan to rent a car which is about $60.00 a day. You can reach either end of the island within two hours from here. The Rainbow Inn, located about a twenty minutes north of the airport is semi-affordable with excellent accommodations and restaurant.The Bahamas are not cheap. $40.00 for a case of beer or $5.00 at the bar. With average meal costing about $20.00. It's often easy to fly direct from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale into the Eleuthra airports. If flyin gto Nassau use Southern Air, for their realiablity.

Car rental: Hilton Johnson rentals
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Accommodations: Rainbow
Phone Number: 800-688-0047

Phone 242 332 3150

The institute for Ecological Field Studies Good information on diving, fish, and general attractions.

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