Cottonwood Hot Springs Buena Vista, Colorado

One of our favorite and most frequented hot springs. The seclusion has made Cottonwood Hot Springs notable. With seven different private pools and clothing optional, the essence of these mineral springs are true old mining town Colorado. Picturesque, nestled in the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range, the hot springs here are a therapy well earned after activities in the area.

Cottonwood Hot Springs, CO

Like most hot springs, the thermal waters are heated by underground volcanic vents often found lying close to the tectonic folds of most major mountain ranges.


The Hot Springs are easy to find.¬†Located just 5 1/2 miles from Buena Vista by traveling west on CR 306. This is the stop light at main street. Travel towards the mountains 5.5 miles and the hot springs are on your right. They also have an Inn that is a little pricey but well worth an all encompassing therapeutic visit. Quiet and all inclusive, the Inn offers a hotel setting catered to folks for recovering. It is quiet and comfortable. Prices daily: $15 adults, $10 Kids (weekends); $10 adult, $7.50 kids (weekdays) **as of 5/2003. Open 7 days a week all year long 8A - Mid. Clothing optional from Oct 15 - May 15. Phone: 719-395-6434, 800-241-4119. email: [email protected] ,¬†

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