Climbing Towers of Sand Moab, Utah

Utah may truly be the desert playground of this continent. Not only is it known for long, scenic mountain bike rides, ATV trails and river rafting, it also hosts some of the tallest freestanding rock towers. Areas like Castle Valley, Fisher Towers, Potash Road and many others surround the small town and create a Mecca for climbers in the spring and fall. From easy top-ropes on Potash Road to difficult, grade VI aid routes in the Fisher Towers, there is something for climbers of all abilities.

Climbing Moab 7
Standing 400 feet off of the ground on Ancient Art's summit just before sunset in the Fisher Towers. -photo by Ellora Weston

Climbing Moab 2
Contemplating the quick way down from the top of Castleton.

Climbing Moab 3
Climbing the last 20 feet of the "Kor-Ingall's Route" (5.9) on Castleton.

Climbing Moab 4
Watching the sunset from a ledge on Ancient Art. Castleton Tower and The Rectory can be seen on the left horizon.

Climbing Moab 8
Ellora Weston climbing on Lizard Rock (5.8) in the Fisher Towers.


* Feature written and photographed by Derek Franz, May 2003. All information regarding Tower names, climb ratings, locations was referenced from Desert Rock III by Eric Bjornstad.


Fall and spring are the best times to visit the area to ensure that you won't get baked in the desert sun. The majority of the most popular climbing areas are accessed by following Highway 191 north out of Moab and turning right on Highway 128 a few miles out of town. To go to Potash Road, stay on 191 until a left turn and a sign are reached.

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