Glenwood Caverns and Historic Fairy Caves, Glenwood Springs, Colorado USA

Welcome to a great discovery.  Located a few miles outside of Glenwood Springs, The Glenwood Caverns are an excellent caving adventure.   These caves are new and still mostly undiscovered.  With 3 miles already known, it is quite a prospect for new cavers.   

Caverns 1
Stalactites are looking beautiful here.

The caves have several long walk through caverns as well as many long tight crawls, and all fide with great views. A couple of passes in the caves are no bigger than 16"X18" and tight enough to make even the thinnest squeeze. 

Caverns 2
A myriad of great views and caving.

The caverns were formed from river and oceanic water erosion.  The hot sulphur springs that has land marked Glenwood Springs was a great contributor its' dazzling formations.

 Caverns 3
A close up of the condensation that helps to form these great crystals.

Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2000.  Cave dimensions and length provided by Glenwood Caverns. 



Phone Number: 970-945-4228.  Once arriving in Glenwood Springs, you can now find the new gondolla ride to the top at Deverux road just west of the first stoplight into Glenwood Springs.

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