Snow Cat Skiing in the San Juan Mountains Durango, Colorado

For the extreme skier or snowboarder Snow Cat Skiing in the San Juan Mountains will enlightened them on what truly is epic Colorado skiing. This is a true adventure that requires great skill on the snow as well as knowledge of the back country. The guides at San Juan Skiing Company, will take great care of you, and they can lead you into whatever terrain you desire: steep chutes, tree skiing, or intermediate terrain. 

Cat Ski durango 1

Cat Ski durango 11

Cat Ski durango 13
As our team gets prepared for our day, laughs and jokes are not sparse.  Once stepping onto the terrain and as the snow cat chows its path to pick us up, the atmosphere becomes one of seriousness and excitement. 

Cat Ski durango 3

Cat Ski durango 4
Mark, one of our guides shows us how it's done as he bounces through 4 feet of deep snow.  Molly's smile is covered in snow.  Snorkels were later given out.

Cat Ski durango 14

Cat Ski durango 16
(Above twotaken in succession) Brian Bates represented the snow boarder in our group, dropped this 18 foot cliff with authority and earned a big picture (below) on the site. 

Cat Ski durango 1.75
Brian Bates

Cat Ski durango 7.5 

Cat Ski durango 8
(next four shots are in succession) Mark, our guide, too laid down some air and brought down the house with it.

Cat Ski durango 9

Cat Ski durango 10
He too made it look easy and earned his spot on the site.

 Cat Ski durango 7
(Picture 1)  A close up reveals that Mark will soon be buried in snow.

Cat Ski durango 2
A nice sight at the end of the day, as one is exhausted, the recovery wagon is a nice warm treat.


There are many acres of terrain to ski, it really seems endless. Throughout the winter, the best bet for skiing is January through April, with much of the better skiing in the spring. The guides at San Juan Ski Company will provide you with avalanche beacons and or any other gear you might need to evaluate or be safe in their back country. Trips are very reasonably priced and are worth every penny, making this adventure one of the most memorable. We can't say enough great things about their service, terrain, guides and overall experience. 

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2003. All information was provided by Durango Mountain Resort.


Juan Ski Company is located in Durango Mountain Resort.  (See Durango Mountain Adventures for specific directions regionally).  To get in touch with them via phone call: (970) 259-9671.  To reach them via the web go to:

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