Ice Climbing Box Canyon Ouray, Colorado  USA

Ice Climbing is an Adventure Sport that requires a sharp mind. It is as demanding as thought to be. It can be dangerous, but mostly to those who dare death by lacking good sense. It is an excellent upper body workout and requires experience at high altitudes. Elitists and other ice enthusiasts visit Ouray’s man-made ice park from all over the world. It is a top rated ice park and is one of a kind.

box canyon 1
A breathtaking view up the canyon

box canyon 2
Climber going to work

box canyon 3
Watch out for falling ice!


Feature written by Phillips, January 2001, who did not climb with San Juan Mountain Guides, but was referred to them after climbing with other friends.  This sport can be dangerous.  With chances of fall, ice wounds, and other cautions. Inc (c) 2000, is not responsible for any fault of climber risks and cannot be held legally responsible for any problems arising from this adventure.


If you are new to the sport hire a guide company. hired the San Juan Mountain Guides. Their expertise far exceeds any others around. 

To get in touch with San Juan Mountain guides you can click on their web page: or call them directly at 970.325.4925

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