The Black Canyon is another amazing geographical feature in Colorado. Formed after many years of erosion and seismic activity, the Black Canyon is the deepest canyon in Colorado. At the highest points, these canyon walls exceed 2,200 feet, offering great scenic views and impressive rim views.

black canyon gunnison
From the south end of the canyon facing North.

From the south end of the canyon facing North.

The waters of the Gunnison river flow through here at a good rate offering excellent fly fishing, and great rafting or kayaking. It is possible to travel down river and camp along the river. The Black Canyon is a national park, so entry and all activities require a permit. Most can be bought at the park, but for more extravagant adventures, permits should be arranged ahead of schedule.

black canyon gunnison 2
Shot from the North Rim of the canyon

black canyon gunnison 3
There are several hikes from the top of the rim down to the river.  They are very challenging.

black canyon gunnison 4
Good sights

black canyon gunnison 5
In the canyon


*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, May 2002. The Black Canyon is a national park and has documented and referenced its formation, altitudes, canyon wall heights, hike distances and all other applicable information. 



The Black Canyon is an easy drive from the western slope of Colorado. To get there take Highway 50 South from Grand Junction to Delta, Colorado. Once in Delta, follow the signs to the black canyon. Plan on one hour from Delta, to park on either rim of the Canyon. If attempting to raft or Kayak, serious research on the water level of the Gunnison River needs to be gathered. 

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