Colorado, always a place well known for skiing.  Beaver Creek, Vail's step son is too, lots of terrain and wide open turns.  The sun shining here, always makes for a great day.  

beaver 1
Top of Out of Bounds area and rock area to the right of chair #11 as looked up on, small powder avalanche area swept through as we came down.  Skier two, about ready for his descent

It's no secret that the snow in Colorado, can sometimes be marginal and that the snow pack is mid range compared to west coast moisture.

beaver 2
A view of the Top of Beaver Creek facing East.

But, there are many times, when the snow is great.

beaver 3
Great fresh snow across the mountain.

beaver 4
This area was deep

beaver 5
As the winter lightens up, the animal's come to enjoy the sun.  This porcupine was in no hurry to move out of the way of sharpened ski's.

beaver 6
Knee in the deep, ear to ear grin.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, February 2002.  Skier is Ryder Bennett.  Phillips is a Colorado born native and has skied this area many times.



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