There is nothing inconvenient about this ice climb adventure.

bear creek 3
Located an easy distance from town

Just a short walk from the heart of downtown Telluride, Bear Creek Preserve and canyon offers the visitor and local alike a multitude of ice climbing opportunities.

Preserved by the city, Bear Creek, is recognized as a environmental area that is fed from an under ground aquifer above the peak. The ice falls here naturally form and are great from January through March for ice climbing.

bear creek 1

bear creek 2
Equipment intensive, having a guide who not only knows the area but understands ice climbing is key.

bear creek 4
This route was a III+, and gave us a good work out.

For our excursion we visited the lower portion of Bear Creek where several challenging climbs exist ranging from class III to class V in difficulty.

bear creek 5
Mark Davis making it look easy near the top.

There are over one-hundred ice climbs that surround the Telluride area, and some that are a challenging trip to reach. Which makes Telluride a destination for ice climbers world wide.

bear creek 6a
This and many other views surround the area.

As daylight faded, the canyon was a nice refuge that felt pristine and inviting. The accomplishment of completing climbs is unmatched. Mixing ice into the equation, makes it that much more memorable.

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* Feature written and photographed by Phillips, March 2003. All information regarding aquifer, and surrounding climbs was porvided by Telluride Mountain guides and Ryder Walker Adventures.



Telluride is a scenic drive from the western slope of Colorado. Approximately 2 hours from Grand Junction, 2 hours from Durango, 6 hours from Denver, 9 hours from Phoenix, 5 hours from Albuquerque and 6 hours from Salt Lake City. Telluride Mountain Guides are knowledgeable experts in the area. They can guide you into some of the most remote areas, excellent ice climbs and make your visit all around very memorable. They can provide equipment for you and make you efficient during your adventure. Telluride mountain guides can customize any trips needs. To reach them: (970) 728 - 6481 or (888) 586- 8365 or

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