Mountain Biking Harah Pass, Jacksons Hole Loop, Jacobs Ladder, Amasabak at Moab, UT

Moab, is as fearsome as a desert monster. Whether it's climbing, hiking, biking or jeeping all souls will be tested. Because of it's true enormity (over 250 square miles) personal seclusion is easy. Also making it easy to go unknown for days if lost.

Jackson's Hole loop, is one of the most popular rides in the area. Often the race course during early spring competitions. This ride offers a little bit of everything. From uphill riding, to single track, hike a bike and a great downhill with many challenging drop offs. It can be a fairly lengthy ride, especially if made from town, and will suffice for your daily dose.

Harrah pass, offering views of the valleys and canyonlands for miles sitting at 4,880 feet.

The challenging look of Jacobs Ladder from the trail.

A closer picture here revealing the hike a bike strategy.

This is just the beginning of the long and grueling hike.

Amasaback as riders come and go, riding it both ways.

Technical descents make this route fun.

*Prices for 10 ride pass are for 2002/03 season and are subject to change in future years. Feature written and photographed by Phillips, February 2003. Information regarding location and details was provided by Solitude Mountain Resort.



What really exists here are several trails that connect to form a loop. If riding from town: Take a right at McDonalds or Kane Cr. From here at a normal pace you will reach the trailhead to Amasaback in about 30 minutes, up hill. If driving, there are several parking areas just short of the trailhead. This ride is a big loop. Starting up the hill passing the Amasaback trailhead and continuing up to Harrah Pass (1hour 15 minutes from town). Down Harrah pass and taking the FIRST possible right turn (there are signs to orient jeepers) after your right turn, approximately 300 feet exists a control gate directing you to Jacksons Hole loop at the bottom of Harrah Pass to Jackson Hole cuttoff. From the gate plan on another hour ride before reaching the hike a bike section of Jacobs Ladder. This section is easily fopund by following the trail up towards the water pipe. The climb is rougly about 500 feet. Once to the top the trail snakes you down the very technical amasaback. Total riding time: 3hours 30 minutes - 5 hours. About 22 miles

Challenge of this trip: 6 solid lengthy ride

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