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As clouds and threatening weather rolled through our day at Alta, we still felt the warmth in our souls. The new-founded true freedom that Alta ski area shared with us should be replicated by all governments seeking an innovative democracy. The resort contains 2,200 skiable acres, is not monstrously huge, but guarantees to occupy a visit of several days. The terrain can be described simply as: "very challenging."

View from the bottom as clouds sweep through the area
View from the bottom as clouds sweep through the area

Big snows often plague this area. Alta, averaging five hundred inches of snow yearly, ranks in the top five snow-receivers in the upper 48 states. We heard the story of the 1997 blizzard told many times, but it is best quoted here:

"After being locked into the Peruvian lodge at night because of the huge avalanche danger, we received huge amounts of snow. In the morning, we saw cars that had been tossed into the meadow by sizable slides. At about 11AM that day they opened Alta. I was one of the first few to make my way on to the lift. I worked my way over to Baldy Shoulder. It was over-the-head snow. When I got to the bottom of the run, this complete stranger tackled me and was giving me hug screaming, 'This is the best snow I have seen in my life, isn't this incredible!!!' " (Jay Burke)


Historically, it seems to be a proven thread amongst ski communities that at some point preceding their existence, there was a community of miners and pioneers. For Alta it is no different. This link will take one directly to the Alta Historical Society:

Looking south west, one third of Alta's terrain is present.

The colorful Mayor of Alta for 28 years Bill Levitt describes what kept him here.

"I had a beautiful blonde ski instructor my first day in 1953. That made me realize skiing was a great sport. The next day I got an Austrian guy. It wasn't quite the same, but by then I was hooked."


During a break in our day, I noticed the true friendliness of the crowd and said to the waiter, "It must be a powder day."

He said, "No, that's just Alta". He was right.

The tub feels great, the beer tastes good and watching those skiers is amazing.

Bringing it all together, the Alta Lodge creates a meld in the seam between a great ski experience and an incredible European lodge. The visionaries involved in Alta Lodge's creation desired emphasis on great cuisine and have instilled it. Today, making it an expectation to continually returning guests. Chef Paul Raddon, who has been with the Alta Lodge for 33 years, is excited with the ease in which they get fresh herbs and seafood. And, when one extroverted visitor attempted a description of the food, she was left speechless for more than a few seconds, truly saying it all. To make your reservation with the lodge call: (801) 742-3500, (801) 707 - ALTA, or by the internet:

Feature written and photographed by Phillips, February 2003. Photographs 2 and 4 are courtesy of Alta/Snowbird. Information regarding history, was provided by Alta Historical Society. Information regarding Mayor Levitt was provided by ski magazine January 2000. Information regarding the Alta lodge and their details was source from the Alta Lodge. Directions and location details was provided by Alta Ski Area.



The easiest way to contact them: Snow Report: (801) 359-1078, Main Office: (801) 359-1078, Ski School: (801) 359-1078 or you can visit their web site:

Alta is easy to find and Salt Lake airport services most regional cities (801) 575-2400. Coming from Salt Lake City: Highway 15 to Highway 215 which is just south of Salt Lake City. Take Highway 215 to exit 6 or 5200 south. Go East up through Little Cottonwood Canyon, follow the signs. The drive from the exit is about 20 -25 minutes and will roll through a neighborhood; follow the signs. Alta is an incredibly great value ski ticket and is reasonably priced with free skiing offered after 3PM daily.

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