Dock Pets…..

I've traveled the world in search of these creatures.  I have clients invest thousands of dollars, in a few shots at em….but, as so much in life is timing,….so were the opportunity to feed these Prehistoric creatures.  I'm talking Tarpon: Megalops Atlanticus; The Silver King; The bad boy; TARPON   Over the course of six-weeks, I was able to jump well over two-dozen.  Now in as much as I'd like to share with you where I was able to trick these fish, let's just keep on pretending I'm the Leprechaun, with my pot of Gold, and you have to seek out the rainbow…..

Just a fishing junkie

Just a fishing junkie


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Celebrating thirty degrees! Time to go south…

Icebergs big enough to sink the titatanic, and still catching fish in all conditions.  Frosty-cold conditions for the first weeks in January.  The rivers are very low and bottle necked with ice.  Some stacks of ice on the edge are up to three feet thick.


Early December was beautiful, warm weather exceeded fifty degrees, and some days was close to sixty, pending your location.


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Bonefishing Andros Island Bahama’s

Miles and Miles of fishy flats, with plenty of options in every direction.   We fished all sides of the middle bite, some on the north bite, some further south, and several boats went to the west side.  All fishy.  Had a lot of fun shooting Go Pro Videos:

Andros Island Bahamas 2012 Videos


just getting the ol’ go-pro tuned up eh

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Fishing the 2012 drought. Views by Jason Phillips


Finding the time to keep the blog updated through our busy season is impossible.  Here is our year in summary from June through November.

It wasn’t as tragic as we all thought it could have been.   While the continued low river flows changed everything, fish kill while still moderate, should have been a lot worse.

Watching this one eat the grass hopper was a treat!

Watching this one eat the grass hopper was a treat!

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Trickin’ Rubber Lips

I’ve talked to both sides of the fence; those who hunt the carp, and those that see them all the time, and feel like they are easy yet boring to catch.

And you thought I had a Big Mouth!

Take Mr. Longhorn, from the state of Texas, who boasts that there are hundreds of grass carp, and common carp inhabiting his favorite lake, or the club’s bass pond, and promises a piece of bread and three minutes could yield a monster weighing in at over thirty-pounds.  Claiming they are more a nuisance than a sport fish, an annoyance that raises noses in the air, and quickly prompts a change of subject. Continue reading